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metal goes egyptian

A series of video performances featuring the music of Massive Scar Era, accompanied by a traditional Egyptian Arabic music orchestra, all filmed in a studio setting.

metal goes egyptian ep is out now!

A special thanks to Katia Makdissi-Warren (Oktoecho) for her exceptional consultation, guidance, and unwavering support throughout this musical endeavour. She also played a vital role in connecting MSE with a group of immensely talented musicians who specialize in playing Arabic music. It was their enthusiasm and willingness to step outside of their comfort zones that truly brought this project to life.

Violins: Kristin Molnar, Zoé Dumais, and Rasha Masalkhi

Viola: Omar Abou Afach

Oud:  mohamed masmoudi 

Qanun: Nizar Tabcharani

Percussions: Phyras Haddad, and bertil schulrabe

Drums: Julia Geaman 

Bass guitar behind the camera: Etienne Tremblay 

Songwriting, vocal, guitar: Cherine Amr

Arabic music arranger: Weka Soliman

Music Copyist: Hugo Mayrand

Sound Technicians: Jacob Lacroix-Cardinal, and Nicolas Pétrowski

Music Producer, mix and master: Etienne Tremblay (La Machine à Mixer)

Video Production Company: Talkie Productions 

Video Producer Jason Walters

Camera operators and editing: Kyle Anderson, Jeremy Schell, Corey Nikolaus

Makeup: Chela Reyes and Matea Mansi

Community Connector and Marketing Support: Jokermail Productions

Recorded by Nicolas Pétrowski and Etienne Tremblay (La Machine à Mixer) at Studio Mixart, Montreal, QC, who were extremely kind and accommodating. 

Artwork photo and design concept by Biggg Rock Films 

Photo session make up by Studio Strawberry

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